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  When Bush Says "Tax Reform" He Does Not Mean Tax Cuts | February 23, 2005

The Financial Times reports that “When President George W. Bush’s hand-picked advisory panel on tax reform meets for the first time…a parade of witnesses…is likely to urge simplification of the Byzantine US tax system”.

Mr. Bush has said he wants tax reform to be revenue neutral. In other words, there will be no real tax cuts because there will be no real spending cuts.

Mr. Bush has said he wishes to slow the growth in Federal spending, but he has not proposed to cut it.

If a balanced budget makes sense, and I believe it does, real tax reform, which means tax reductions, is not possible without real spending cuts.

Howard Phillips
Chairman, The Conservative Caucus (TCC)

  Social Security | February 22, 2005

There are positive aspects to President Bush’s proposal for Social Security personal accounts.

However, wouldn’t it be better to simply let American citizens keep some of the money they would otherwise have paid in to Social Security in FICA taxes and invest that money as they see fit, without government regulation, direction, interference, or controls?

Please let me know what you think.

Howard Phillips
Chairman, The Conservative Caucus (TCC)

  Dr. McClellan | February 21, 2005

The next edition of Member’s Message, which will be mailed before the end of February to all TCC donors, has a comprehensive eulogy celebrating the life and work of our recently deceased colleague on TCC’s Board of Directors, Dr. Jim McClellan.

Dr. McClellan served as a top aide to key conservative U.S. Senators, including Jesse Helms and John East.  As Chief Counsel of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Separation of Powers, Dr. McClellan put forth some of the pioneering judicial reform concepts now incorporated in the Constitution Restoration Act (CRA), which is a top priority for “Ten Commandments Judge” Roy Moore and The Conservative Caucus.

If you wish to be placed on the list for receipt of TCC’s Member’s Message, please let me know.

Howard Phillips
Chairman, The Conservative Caucus (TCC)

  Panama | February 18, 2005

Lt. Gen. Gordon Sumner (USA-Ret.) and I are planning a trip to Panama as early as April.  General Sumner is the former Chairman of the Inter-American Defense Board and was Ronald Reagan’s Ambassador-At-Large for the Western Hemisphere.  The only thing standing in the way of our trip is a shortage of funds.

We need to raise $5,000 to $10,000 so that General Sumner and I and two or three others may visit Panama and bring ourselves up to date on growing Communist Chinese influence at the isthmus.  If you can help with a contribution of $1,000 or more, earmarked for this project, please contact me at TCC headquarters.  Many thanks for your consideration.

Howard Phillips
Chairman, The Conservative Caucus (TCC) 

  Rescind MFN for Red China | February 17, 2005

It is wonderful to see so many members of Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike, who have signed on to legislation to rescind “Most Favored Nation” status -- euphemistically called “Permanent Normal Trade Relations” -- for Communist China, and that there are even some members who are ready to impose tariffs on imports from Red China.

The argument for tariffs on imports from Communist China is going to be a major project of The Conservative Caucus Foundation.

Stay tuned to get more information about our plan of action.

Howard Phillips
Chairman, The Conservative Caucus (TCC)

  So Help Me God | February 16, 2005

Roy Moore, the "Ten Commandments Judge" is truly one of America’s greatest heroes.

In chatting with Judge Moore on his birthday last Friday, I was pleased to learn that his autobiography, "So Help Me God", is now available for sale.

Judge Moore tells me he has a great sense of relief to have this book in print and available for all to read. It sets forth definitively the reasons why he was Constitutionally justified in rejecting an improper court order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama Judicial Building.

I eagerly look forward to getting my copy of "So Help Me God" and urge you to obtain one for yourself.

Howard Phillips
Chairman, The Conservative Caucus (TCC)

  Federal Election Laws | February 14, 2005

In 1974 and 1976 when the Federal Election Law Amendments restricting civic participation in Federal election campaigns were first passed and signed into law by President Gerald Ford, I was a sharp critic.

It is both unconstitutional and immoral to require taxpayers to subsidize candidates and parties with whose policies they might disagree.

Unfortunately, as a result of the 1974 and 1976 laws, bills made law by Gerald Ford and the McCain-Feingold legislation made law by George W. Bush, American citizens are being forced to subsidize Republican and Democratic Party conventions, Presidential primary candidacies, and general election campaigns.

Now, the ranking Republican and Democrat members of the Federal Election Commission, Scott Thomas, the Democrat Chairman, and Mike Lee Toner, the Republican Vice Chairman, want to boost public matching funds for Presidential candidates to a total of $125,000,000 and take other steps which would make you and me pay for the promotion of policies with which we might fundamentally disagree.

It’s time for a change, and that change should include eliminating all Federal subsidies and matching funds for party conventions, primary candidacies, and general election campaigns.

Please let me know what you think.

Howard Phillips
Chairman, The Conservative Caucus (TCC)

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