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The Conservative Caucus and the Coalition to Block the North American Union: News Conference in Ottawa Canada, August 20, 2007
The Conservative Caucus, a founding member of the Coalition to Block the North American Union held a very successful news conference on August 20, 2007 in Ottawa, Canada.
News Release - Statements: Howard Phillips, Connie Fogal, John McManus, Tom DeWeese, Bob Park, Pat Boone, Rep. Virgil Goode, Rep. Ron Paul, Rep. Walter JonesPhotos: Howard Phillips, Jerome Corsi, Connie Fogal, John McManus, Tom Deweese, Bob Park, Montebello Sign.
Action Request: Call a talk show or write a letter to the editor in opposition to the NAU, the secrecy which surrounded the summit, and mentioning our news conference.  Media: Interview availability, contact Charles Orndorff 703-938-9626

Interviews, coverage, and news conference attendees include: CTV TV News (video) or 2nd stream,, Fox News (Watch Video), Reuters, Canadian National Newspaper & 2nd story & 3rd story, CJSS Radio, KGMI Radio, Alex Jones, KZYX Radio, KSTX Radio (MP3), CFRA News Radio (MP3), Philadelphia Bulletin, Crosswalk, Canadian Press, CJAD Radio, BBS Radio, Global Outlook Magazine, Radio 940, Ottawa Sun (story also printed in other Sun papers), Q-104 Radio, The Canadian, National Post, Toronto Street News, Canadian Christianity, WPTF Radio, WorldNetDaily, & More & More, Washington Times, CNS News (with video), Globe and Mail, La Presse (in French) & (translation), Ocala Star Banner (letter), Digg, Barrie Examiner, Peterboro Examiner & 2nd story, Canada Free Press, Exchange Magazine, Wall Street Journal Let us know if you find more coverage or if you take action.

 Jennifer Dunn | September 11, 2007 | Digg This


I was sorry to see my old friend, former Congressman Jennifer Dunn, dead at age 66 of a pulmonary embolism.

I knew Jennifer all the way back to my days at Harvard College when she was married to my classmate, Dennis Dunn.

We always had a cordial and friendly relationship, even though we disagreed on a number of issues. She was a lovely person.

Jennifer was the first woman to chair the Washington State Republican Party, the first freshman woman to win a place in the House Republican leadership team, and the highest ranking Republican woman in the GOP leadership as Vice Chairman of the conference. She served on the Ways and Means Committee, and was Vice Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee. She helped run three Republican National Conventions.

Jennifer is survived by her husband, Keith Thomson, whom she married in 2003, her sons, Bryant Dunn, Reagan Dunn, and Angus Thomson, and two grandchildren.

Jennifer was as beautiful as she was bright.

She will be missed.

 Senator John Warner | September 7, 2007 | Digg This

John Warner Was Benedict Arnold to Virginia Conservatives

Senator John Warner was a hero to The Washington Post, as witness their farewell tribute to him in the edition of Saturday, September 1, but Warner was no hero to conservatives. He betrayed Ollie North when Ollie was running for the U.S. Senate. He betrayed Mike Farris when Mike was a candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. He betrayed Robert Bork when he voted against his confirmation. He betrayed General Jack Singlaub (USA-Ret.) when he refused to meet with General Singlaub and me to discuss events in Panama, and I could list a great many other things where he behaved despicably toward conservatives.

Warner was a blow-dried fop who is now trying to help Left-wing Republican Tom Davis succeed him in the Senate.

The Washington Post farewell article (not an editorial) carried the headline "Senator Is Widely Hailed For Vision, Immunity to Politics".

"[T]here was no question that he would be one of the few Republicans to vote against Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork in 1987, that he would actively campaign against Republican Oliver L. North in 1994 when North ran unsuccessfully for a U.S. Senate from Virginia, and that, as the horrors of Abu Ghraib came to light, he would take on the Bush administration."

Another article in The Washington Post (9/1/07) stated: "Mr. Warner is a conservative but hardly an ideologue, and he has repeatedly infuriated his party’s strident right-wingers — by standing against the nomination of Robert Bork to the Supreme Court in 1987, by opposing the leadership of Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) in the Senate, and, in 1994, by repudiating Oliver L. North’s Senate candidacy in Virginia. Many Virginia Republicans saw him as a heretic — a RINO (Republican In Name Only). Mr. Warner saw himself as more committed to principle than party. He lacked any fixed worldview or guiding political philosophy."

All of which goes to show you that, if you sell out those who elect you, you can get a good press in Washington, D.C.

 D. James Kennedy | September 6, 2007 | Digg This


D. James Kennedy gave some of the most brilliant, knowledgeable, and Constitutionally correct sermons of any pastor in my lifetime.

Ill health has plagued him for several years, and he is now gone to be with His Maker.

I am grateful for the kindness and friendship which Dr. Kennedy always showed me.

He was one of the real founders and leaders of the Christian Right.


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