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  Charlie Wilson, the Patriot  | February 16, 2010 | Digg This


A great man has died. Charlie Wilson, with whom I worked closely in his leadership effort to defeat the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, was one of the real anti-Communist heroes of the 20th century.

As reported in USA Today (2/11/10, Kathy Kiely), "Charlie Wilson, a Texas Congressman whose covert efforts to aid Afghan fighters against Soviet invaders became the subject of a movie, died Wednesday. He was 76."

  Home Schooling  | Digg This

Recently I was asked "If you were going to homeschool your own children today, what curriculum and method would you choose?".

I am, in fact, helping to homeschool four of my grandchildren, and my method is very simple: a) I share life experiences with them, b) I give them books to read which I think are of particular value and importance, c) I ask them to write reports on each of those books, d) I emphasize vocabulary and grammar, et cetera. So far, each of them is doing very well on their College Board tests and college admissions.

My youngest son, Sam, was homeschooled, even while he resided in his motherís womb, and he was accepted at every college to which he applied, including Hampden-Sydney, William and Mary, Virginia Military Institute, Christendom College, and The Citadel. In most cases, he was offered scholarships.

We had no fixed curriculum, but we made sure he was well versed in the Constitution, the Bible, current events, history, et cetera.

You also ask "If you were going to invest in career education today, where would you place a bet on demand for the future? What skills would you develop in order to be a viable worker in the economy of the future?".

My answer is very simple. There will always be a demand for integrity, energy, as well as verbal and written communication skills.

Good men are hard to find, and they usually will have no problem whatsoever in finding suitable opportunities.

Thanks for asking.

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