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  Spread Arizona's Immigration Law to YOUR State  | April 29, 2010 | Digg This

Arizona’s Illegal Immigration Law is Worthy of Emulation

Arizona is where Americans are beginning a brand new movement: the states doing what the Feds refuse to do. Americans are fed up with unlimited illegal immigration and the resulting crime, murders, drug smuggling, human smuggling, Mexican drug gangs, and illegals costing taxpayers billions of dollars in health, welfare, police and other services.

Unemployed Americans are fed up with millions of illegal immigrants taking their jobs and driving down American wages.

Because President Obama and Congress refuse to enforce immigration laws and to complete the border fence, and are determined to pass amnesty so millions more illegals will be rewarded for walking across the open border; every state--especially the other border states--must pass similar legislation.

I'd also suggest Arizona start building a continuous border fence with stimulus funds. The protests from illegal immigration advocates prove they know the new law will effectively reduce illegal immigration.

You can help by contacting your state legislators and governor, and urging them to pass similar laws. Together, we can stop illegal immigration regardless of the actions and inaction in Washington.

  Repeal ObamaCare! New Website Launched  | April 16, 2010 | Digg This


For further information: contact:


Charles Orndorff: 703-938-9626

Americans 'Send Them a Message' to Repeal ObamaCare!

The Conservative Caucus (TCC) launched today the "Pledge to Repeal ObamaCare" campaign at Americans are urged to visit and print the Pledge to Repeal ObamaCare and get their Senators, Representative and candidates for the House and Senate to sign the pledge.

Howard Phillips, TCC’s Chairman, announced the new campaign and the launch of, "This is a vital step in repealing Obama’s Socialist medicine scheme, to help keep the pressure on members of Congress to resist the influence of special interests and liberals in both parties who will be lobbying to avoid repealing ObamaCare.

Make no mistake, there are many powerful individuals and companies who will quickly learn how to profit from health care rationing and other elements of Socialist medicine; they will fight efforts by Americans to repeal this dangerous scheme."

"We will post the signed pledges on, list who has refused or not signed, and, as the new Congress convenes in 2011, post updates about signers' fulfillment of their pledges," Mr. Phillips continued, inviting Americans to pass the word to their friends; "As concerned citizens, your action and that of your friends can make the difference, and I invite you to visit now and send ‘them’ a message."

In conclusion, Mr. Phillips noted the effectiveness of videoing pledge signing and deliveries, "Under the scrutiny of a video camera, you may find members of Congress and candidates more willing to be courageous and sign the pledge to repeal ObamaCare, than in the quiet of their office with special interests looking over their shoulder."

The Conservative Caucus (TCC) is a grass roots action organization, formed in 1974. It was active in opposing the ObamaCare bill, defeating the SALT II Treaty, repealing the Catastrophic Coverage Act, blocking the Clinton health-care takeover, and impeaching President Clinton.

Watch the video: Here's HOW to Stop Obamacare Socialized Medicine

-- 30 --

  Rep. Bart Stupak  | April 9, 2010 | Digg This


Congressman Bart Stupak portrayed himself as a leader of pro-life Democrats. Yet when he had the opportunity to make a difference and help kill the pro-abortion Obama Care socialized medicine bill, Mr. Stupak sold out for a worthless executive order and, even worse, encouraged other supposedly pro-life Democrats to follow his misguided lead.

After no doubt reviewing polling data, Mr. Stupak has now announced he will retire.

Americans are begging for statesmen loyal to principle, and had he stood on principle and killed the bill, he would have been a hero not only in his district but across America. Now, Mr. Stupak’s career in Congress will be remembered only for his betrayal.

This should be a powerful lesson to other Members of Congress, as Obama will offer yet more deals to try to force through more of his Socialist agenda this year, including amnesty, a carbon tax, and a European-style VAT tax.

Please help repeal the bill which Bart Stupak helped pass. Go to and ask your members of Congress and candidates to sign the pledge that they promise to repeal the bill. Thank you.

  Home Schooling  | Digg This

Recently I was asked "If you were going to homeschool your own children today, what curriculum and method would you choose?".

I am, in fact, helping to homeschool four of my grandchildren, and my method is very simple: a) I share life experiences with them, b) I give them books to read which I think are of particular value and importance, c) I ask them to write reports on each of those books, d) I emphasize vocabulary and grammar, et cetera. So far, each of them is doing very well on their College Board tests and college admissions.

My youngest son, Sam, was homeschooled, even while he resided in his mother’s womb, and he was accepted at every college to which he applied, including Hampden-Sydney, William and Mary, Virginia Military Institute, Christendom College, and The Citadel. In most cases, he was offered scholarships.

We had no fixed curriculum, but we made sure he was well versed in the Constitution, the Bible, current events, history, et cetera.

You also ask "If you were going to invest in career education today, where would you place a bet on demand for the future? What skills would you develop in order to be a viable worker in the economy of the future?".

My answer is very simple. There will always be a demand for integrity, energy, as well as verbal and written communication skills.

Good men are hard to find, and they usually will have no problem whatsoever in finding suitable opportunities.

Thanks for asking.

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