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  Patricia Hines | November 30, 2010 | Digg This

I was privileged to be one of twelve eulogists at the funeral of Patricia Rhodes Mayes Hines held on Saturday, November 20 at the Church of Saint Andrew and Saint Margaret of Scotland in Alexandria, Virginia.

Patricia’s husband, Richard Hines, was the first state coordinator of The Conservative Caucus in South Carolina, beginning in 1975.

  TCC's Television Program | November 22, 2010 | Digg This


On October 13, with the help of Charles Orndorff and Art Harman and a crew of volunteer camera operators, we taped two Conservative Roundtable broadcasts.

Programs with Terry Scanlon, chairman of the Capital Research Center, and Terry Jeffrey, editor in chief of the Cybercast News Service, were excellent.

With Terry Scanlon, we talked about the billions of dollars in Federal money going to Left-wing activist groups, and with Terry Jeffrey, we talked about the future of print media.

Watch Conservative Roundtable on Youtube or on cable TV.

  TCC's Impeachment Campaign | November 18, 2010 | Digg This


On October 19 between 8:00 and 9:00 A.M., I did two radio interviews concerning TCC’s Campaign for a Congressional Impeachment Inquiry with respect to Obama.

My second interview with Bill Meyer on a station in Medford, Oregon (KMED) was very supportive (Listen). My earlier interview with a station in Greensboro, North Carolina (WZTK-FM) was hostile.

  Tell Congress "No Compromise!" | November 11, 2010 | Digg This


The American people have spoken loudly, and the message is to stop President Obama’s socialist agenda and cut government spending. The most important message you must constantly reinforce with your Senators and Representative is "No Compromise."

  • We must hold firm on a full and complete repeal of ObamaCare, not agreeing to remove a few pages from the 2,000 page socialist bill and claim it is fixed.
  • Pass bills to prohibit spending money to implement ObamaCare.
  • Pass border security only—no amnesty. Build a full border fence and seal the border from drugs, gangs and illegals.
  • No compromise on cap-and-trade/energy/carbon taxes. Pass a bill to block the EPA from controlling carbon as a pollutant.
  • Hold a Congressional investigation to determine if impeachment is warranted.
  • Investigate abuses of power and potentially illegal or unconstitutional actions by Obama officials.
  • Vote NO on all liberal judges and justices. A vote to confirm a pro-abortion judge or justice, for example, is a vote for abortion.
  • Block all attempts to eliminate "don’t ask, don’t tell."
  • Kill the death tax entirely, don’t compromise on returning to rates from past years.
  • Pass no tax increases of any type under any name. No new taxes.
  • Pass tax cuts to help the economy recover, not spend billions more on stimulus spending.
  • Slash the budget; eliminate entitlements.
  • Defeat all unconstitutional bills.
  • Block any bills which would lead to making Puerto Rico a state.
  • Repeal WTO and NAFTA to regain Congressional control of trade policy.
  • While the House now has the opportunity to pass worthwhile bills, these may be rejected by the Senate and vetoed by the President. Thus the pressure will be on conservatives to compromise and cave in to pass bills which Obama will sign. This is a phony bargain and falling for this trick will preemptively surrender the strength of the new Congress to the President.

    By holding firm and watching good bills be vetoed, we are actually strengthening our position and setting up for 2013 when we may get such bills signed. Each veto strengthens the conservatives in Congress and forces the President to offend the majority of Americans to appease his leftist friends.

      TCC's Constitution Day Commemoration | November 10, 2010 | Digg This


    On September 17, with the essential help of Charles Orndorff, Art Harman, and Brenda Gant, we had a successful celebration of Constitution Day at the Hyatt Rosslyn Hotel in Arlington, Virginia. I began the program by reading from Andrew Jackson’s Farewell Address and other matters relating to his career and his presidency. Samuel Phillips delivered a reading on the importance of Constitution Day. Alexandra Phillips sang God Bless America.

    I reviewed Bob Marshall’s important contributions as a member of the Virginia legislature, and he delivered an excellent speech on the role of citizens in restoring the Republic.

    Following the formal presentations, there was discussion with members of the audience, including Richard Norman, who gave an update on Tea Party developments. Richard does the fundraising for one element of the Tea Party, namely the Tea Party Patriots. Marshall received the USTA Andrew Jackson Champion of Liberty Award.

      YAF's 50th Anniversary | November 5, 2010 | Digg This


    On September 10, the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the Sharon Statement and the founding of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), in which I participated in 1960 at age 19, was highlighted by the remarks of 87-year-old former New York U.S. Senator and presently retired judge, Jim Buckley.

    Other outstanding speakers included Michael Barone, Lee Edwards, and Richard Viguerie.  Viguerie hosted a party for Conference attendees on Saturday, September 11 in Castleton, Virginia.

      Dr. Mildred Jefferson | November 1, 2010 | Digg This


    My good friend, Dr. Mildred Jefferson, a pioneering leader of the pro-life movement nationally, has died in Cambridge, Massachusetts at the age of 84.

    Mildred was the first Black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School. She was a founder of the National Right to Life Committee. After graduating from Texas College in Tyler, Texas, she earned a Master’s Degree from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts.

    She was also an assistant clinical professor of surgery at Boston University Medical School. She received honorary degrees from 28 schools, and, in 2004, ran an unsuccessful race for the U.S. Congress. She was also a GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate in 1982, 1984, and 1990.

      Repeal ObamaCare Website | Digg This


    For further information: contact:


    Charles Orndorff: 703-938-9626

    Americans 'Send Them a Message' to Repeal ObamaCare!

    The Conservative Caucus (TCC) launched the "Pledge to Repeal ObamaCare" campaign at Americans are urged to visit and print the Pledge to Repeal ObamaCare and get their Senators, Representative and candidates for the House and Senate to sign the pledge.

    Howard Phillips, TCC’s Chairman, announced the campaign and the launch of, "This is a vital step in repealing Obama’s Socialist medicine scheme, to help keep the pressure on members of Congress to resist the influence of special interests and liberals in both parties who will be lobbying to avoid repealing ObamaCare.

    Make no mistake, there are many powerful individuals and companies who will quickly learn how to profit from health care rationing and other elements of Socialist medicine; they will fight efforts by Americans to repeal this dangerous scheme."

    Mr. Phillips invited Americans to pass the word to their friends; "As concerned citizens, your action and that of your friends can make the difference, and I invite you to visit now and send ‘them’ a message."

    In conclusion, Mr. Phillips noted the effectiveness of videoing pledge signing and deliveries, "Under the scrutiny of a video camera, you may find members of Congress and candidates more willing to be courageous and sign the pledge to repeal ObamaCare, than in the quiet of their office with special interests looking over their shoulder."

    The Conservative Caucus (TCC) is a grass roots action organization, formed in 1974. It was active in opposing the ObamaCare bill, defeating the SALT II Treaty, repealing the Catastrophic Coverage Act, blocking the Clinton health-care takeover, and impeaching President Clinton.

    Watch the video: Here's HOW to Stop Obamacare Socialized Medicine

    -- 30 --

      Home Schooling  | Digg This

    Recently I was asked "If you were going to homeschool your own children today, what curriculum and method would you choose?".

    I am, in fact, helping to homeschool four of my grandchildren, and my method is very simple: a) I share life experiences with them, b) I give them books to read which I think are of particular value and importance, c) I ask them to write reports on each of those books, d) I emphasize vocabulary and grammar, et cetera. So far, each of them is doing very well on their College Board tests and college admissions.

    My youngest son, Sam, was homeschooled, even while he resided in his mother’s womb, and he was accepted at every college to which he applied, including Hampden-Sydney, William and Mary, Virginia Military Institute, Christendom College, and The Citadel. In most cases, he was offered scholarships.

    We had no fixed curriculum, but we made sure he was well versed in the Constitution, the Bible, current events, history, et cetera.

    You also ask "If you were going to invest in career education today, where would you place a bet on demand for the future? What skills would you develop in order to be a viable worker in the economy of the future?".

    My answer is very simple. There will always be a demand for integrity, energy, as well as verbal and written communication skills.

    Good men are hard to find, and they usually will have no problem whatsoever in finding suitable opportunities.

    Thanks for asking.
    Howard Phillips

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